Why Use Promotional Products to Promote Your Business

When it comes to marketing, promotional products are at the heart of almost every campaign. As far as promoting products go, it’s one of the most affordable marketing strategies around. They’re inexpensive, practical, and can be a great tool in attracting other people. Today, people use everything from refrigerator magnets to special coins. There are many good reasons why using promotional items is a great way to get your business off on the right foot.

Even though the evidence is clear that using promotional products is a great way to boost business, many are still not sure if they are worth the investment. To help put your mind at ease, consider these few points.

You Get a Better Return on Your Investment

Dollar for dollar, promotional products tend to get higher returns than other more expensive forms of advertising.

So, while other marketing strategies reach people of all sorts there is no guarantee that those people are actually interested in what you’re offering. However, with promotional products, those that are drawn to the promoted item will often respond because the chosen item for promotion appeals to them. This naturally will produce a higher return on your investment.

They Have More Staying Power

Promotional products are also very effective in keeping your company’s name in front of the public eye. You may invest in an attractive business card that is quickly slipped into a wallet or purse and out of sight within seconds from the time the recipient receives it. However, because promotional items can be customized, you can use your business image on a product that will keep your name in full view of potential customers.

Your message on promotional items also helps to build brand awareness. Every time your products are used bearing your logo, slogan, or message it reaches a wide range of people that you may never have had access to otherwise. So, if you decide to give away items like handbags, backpacks or a tote bag, you’re sure to boost your position in the market place. Part of the reason for this is simple. It’s an old cultural norm called reciprocity, which basically means that if someone does something for you then you must reciprocate. A form of this practice is found in just about every culture in the world. Psychologists tell us that mankind is pretty much hard-wired to do something in return as a sign of appreciation for a gift, no matter how small.

Picking the Right Promotional Item

While it is pretty easy to see just how effective using a promotional giveaway can be, it is not always easy to figure out exactly which product you should use. Marketing experts suggest you follow several different guidelines.

First, you want to consider items that you know will be put to use. Especially those that when used will have a direct impact on a consumer’s decision to use your product or service.

They also suggest that you personalize your gift in some way. While the use of your logo can be a major plus in promoting your service they suggest you go a step further and, if possible, try to find something that can reflect who your customers really are in the process. The closer you get to your target audience the more successful your campaign will be.

Whatever you do, when you choose a promotional item that the customer will appreciate, it will be used more often and therefore your name will move to the forefront in the business world. It takes careful strategy to give away beautiful promotional items that will keep your name remembered long after other people’s business cards have been put away.


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