Types of Bags

Originating in Duffel, Belgium and popularized by early American soldiers, the duffel bag is a no-fuss and simple way to transport your gear for any activity. With a multitude of top brands, sizes, styles, and materials to choose from, we are confident that you will find the ideal logo-friendly duffel that will impress your customers (and make any Belgian proud).

Whether you roll it on wheels, sling it over one shoulder, or carry it at your side, it’s up to you and your bag boasting style! Duffel bags are not just enjoyed by gym enthusiast and sports fanatics stuffing in their lucky sneakers and favorite ball. Check out the many leather duffels for the more sophisticated palate seeking a professional yet laidback look. Maybe vintage style is more likely to be “in your bag.” These old school weekender duffels outfitted in retro vinyl are sure to get a second look (to see your logo of course).

We have hundreds of duffels to fit your brand’s style! Take a closer look and you will find high-quality bags from top brands such as Nike, Adidas, and High Sierra all with plenty of real estate for you to make your mark. Our Duffels are made of a variety of materials such as nylon, polyester, vinyl, and leather. Many are available in multiple color options, so the sky is the limit – or at least the colors of the rainbow! In all shapes and styles like square, rounded, rolling and expandable, finding the duffel to fit your brand’s personality is just a click or call away.

No other bag seems to be quite as versatile as the tote bag with its characteristic parallel handles and simple design. As its function is spelled out in the name, our tote bags are available in a variety of colors, styles, and materials including the very popular and eco-friendly non-woven polypropylene, traditional cotton canvas, and high-density polyester.

Throw in a towel and sun block for the beach or filled with fresh groceries waiting to get home, our tote bags will be in use by your customers regardless of lifestyle and daily activities. These aren’t the tote bags your grandmother used. New materials have revolutionized the tote bag industry! Non-woven polypropylene is an eco-friendly and strong material made from recyclable plastic. It is as light as a plastic bag and easy to clean.

Aside from the traditional tote style, some have drawstring closures (a perfect alternative to bulky backpacks) and don’t forget about lunch totes. These insulated tote bags will keep mealtime eats cold and fresh while you’re being green. Although the use of a branded tote bag is up to your customers, the choice is yours when deciding exactly how it’s going to look. You’re guaranteed to find a tote bag as unique as your brand (some even have hidden pockets). Once your heart is set on that perfect bag, leave it up to us to make your logo front and center – literally!

Synched snug against your back during rush hour or casually sitting at your side on a stroll down the street, our messenger bags are ideal for any lifestyle. A stylish selection, tasteful colors, and durable materials will ensure that your brand’s logo is seen all over town as customers won’t think twice before making this their “go to bag.”

As stylish as it is functional, the messenger is the bag of choice for urban travelers looking for a convenient way to stow away the workweek’s necessities.

Commuting across town or across the pond, our sleek designs and various sizes are sure to fit your customer’s style. Outfitted with enough zippers and pockets to bring home an entire office desk space (plus a water bottle, of course!), a messenger bag will keep you organized and prepared for any work-related task.

Our messenger bags are made of heavy-duty materials like polyester, canvas, and ballistic nylon – that’s right! We know that the evening commute can be like trudging though an urban warzone. For many messengers this tough exterior is matched with protective compartments to guard your computer and other gadgets from unexpected bumps and drops. You can rest assured that the contents of these messenger bags will arrive at your destination in tact and ready to do it all again tomorrow.

A messenger bag’s characteristic large front flap is an ideal space for your logo. Screen-printed on canvas or embroidered on high-density nylon for some extra flair, we will work closely with you to be sure that your logo is perfectly displayed on a bag worth boasting about.



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