Tote Bags

The tote bag is a rarity in which the meaning of the name actually matches the description of the product. The word “tote” means “to carry,” and that is exactly what the tote bag is designed to do.

Because of the tote bag’s basic design, it has been adapted for a variety of purposes from retail to grocery stores. Through all the change, the tote bag has still remained true to its form.

The tote bag is a structured bag that is designed for convenience, durability, and style. Tote bags did not start out as handbags, but rather as an accessible, convenient, and easy way to transport many items. The convenience of tote bags caught on, and during the 1950s and 1960s, the tote bag made its way into the realm of fashion.

Tote bags have a relatively simple design. In order to allow for maximum storage, tote bags have a rectangular or square appearance. The bag is also structured so that it can stand on its own.

The exterior is generally free of any compartments, which lends to the smooth look of the bag. The interior design depends on the manufacturer. It can be clean of any compartments, or it could have zippers, pouches, or dividers to give the consumer more organization.

One main aesthetic feature of the tote bag is that is has a handle on each side of the bag. Typically, the handles are long enough in length to fit under an arm, but short enough to be carried without dragging on the ground.

Also, the tote bag is usually unfastened, which allows for easy access to objects inside the bag. If the tote bag does fasten, it either has a clasp that covers the opening and attaches on the other side, or a zipper that closes the bag shut.

Most consumers purchase tote bags for their durability, which is possible because of the materials used to make them. Although the tote bag can be made out of many different materials, it is usually made out of various fabrics because of its flexibility.

The most popular type of fabric used to make tote bags is canvas, which is a light and durable fabric that can be cleaned easily.

Nylon is another durable and convenient fabric that some tote bags are made out of. One benefit of nylon is that it is lighter than canvas, although it fades easier.

Even though fabrics are popular with tote bags, leather tote bags also occupy the market, and although tote bags can be made out of leather, softer or pebbled leather is preferred among consumers because it works with the tote bag’s design by being relatively flexible.

One of them most popular handbag brands that specialize in tote bags is Longchamp, which was founded in France in 1948. Today, Longchamp’s unmistakable Le Pliage tote bag has exploded in popularity because of its lightweight, functional, and customized design.

Tote bags are also the specialty of Michael Kors’ handbag collection. Both Michael Kors and Longchamp tote bags are visually simple, with the majority boasting neutral colors and minimal patterns.

Tote bags are not only used as fashionable handbags, but as reusable bags as well. In its simplest form, reusable bags are tote bags in the way they are structured.

Therefore, with the rise of the green movement, tote bags have taken on a new form. Simple cloth tote bags are becoming a popular alternative to plastic bags because of their environmental appeal.

Many retail and grocery chains sell tote bags to customers in order to give their consumers choices other than plastic and paper. Other retail stores use cloth tote bags as shopping bags, such as IKEA, which is notorious for its massive blue and yellow tote bags.

Customization of these tote bags is also gaining popularity because it creates brand identity and awareness. When someone purchases a tote bag from a certain grocery store, they feel the need to return to the same store in order to get use out of the bag.

The tote bags sold from grocery and retail stores are usually made out of recycled cloth materials. There are no compartments in these tote bags, allowing for maximum capacity.

Tote bags have become so popular due to their various uses. Consumers can use the tote bag if they are hitting the beach or shopping around town.

Whether for fashion or functionality, the tote bag is the convenient bag for any purpose.



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