Duffel Bags

Travelers, military personnel, and athletes all have the duffel bag in common. This bag, ideal for many people because of its size and shape, has evolved to become the go-to bag.

Duffel bags are large, cylindrical bags that are used to transport a large amount of items from one place to another. There are different types of duffel bags, but most are fastened by a zipper that spans the length of the bag. Other duffel bags are closed on the side by a drawstring.

There are many ways to carry a duffel bag. Most duffel bags have two handles on either side of the bag. They also have a cross body strap to allow people to carry the duffel bag over the shoulder.

Some duffel bags designed for travelers have wheels on the bottom of one side of the bag, allowing people to roll the bag instead of carry it. In most cases, duffel bags with wheels have a handle that extends from the bag, similar to most luggage.

Duffel bags are usually characterized by the thick fabric used to make them. Canvas is a popular material for duffel bags because of its durability and weight. Unlike other bags, duffel bag are treated with abuse, whether being shoved under airplane seats or tossed into gym lockers. Therefore, canvas is the ideal material. Canvas is also an attractive fabric because it is waterproof, something many people look for when purchasing bags.

Leather, another popular material, is more suitable for travel. Duffel bags are made out of other fabrics too, such a nylon and cotton.

Most duffel bags have the ability to expand or compress, depending on how much is inside of the bag. Duffel bags also come in a variety of sizes. Sport bags tend to be longer in length while carry-on bags tend to have a larger width.

The name for the duffel bag derives from the town of Duffel in Belgium. In the sixteenth century, the town made a durable, tightly woven fabric that was exported to Spain and Portugal and used to repair sails on their ships. The fabric was then made into bags to protect their belongings from the moisture of the sea.

Duffel bags also have their origin in the backpack. Both bags have zippers to secure the bag and a large capacity for storing items. That concept, along with the sturdy material from Belgium, evolved into the present-day use of the duffel bag.

Duffel bags are often used for travel, especially for overnight trips that do not require a suitcase. They can also be used as carry-on bags, as long as the measurements comply with the maximum allowable dimensions for the airline. Depending on the size of the duffel bag, they can carry up to a week’s worth of clothing for a vacation or trip.

Also, duffel bags are commonly used for sport. People use duffel bags to transport gym clothes and other items to and from fitness centers. Gym bags are mostly made out of canvas so they can easily be cleaned.

Sports teams use duffel bags to carry equipment to and from games and practices. Hockey sticks, baseball bats, and helmets can all fit in duffel bags. Teams can also put their logo on duffel bags in order to create brand awareness and establish team property.

Duffel bags are also popular in the United States military. They were first utilized by the military during WWI, but were heavy and hard to handle. It was not until WWII when the duffle bag became effective.

Military duffel bags are different from gym bags or other types of duffel bags because they have straps similar to backpacks and can be carried on the backs of military personnel. This makes it easier to carry because they are hands are free.

Military duffel bags are often simple when compared to other bags. They are usually beige or camouflage in color, so that they blend into nearby surroundings. Military duffel bags are made almost entirely out of canvas as well.

The most popular brands of duffel bags include well-known companies like Under Armour, the North Face, and Eddie Bauer. Giant retailers, such as Target and Wal-Mart also produce and distribute duffel bags. Sporting goods stores, such as the Sports Authority and Dick’s Sporting Goods, sell a wide variety of duffel bags.

Whether for travel, the military, or sports, the duffel bag is able to transport the large number of items that each of these undertakings require.



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