Decisions to Consider When Planning a Promotional Bag Giveaway

Whether you plan to give away a tote bag, a backpack, or a handy eco-friendly grocery bag, promotional bag giveaways have historically made a major impact on the success of many businesses. The fact is, that of all the cool product giveaways businesses use, bags are probably the most likely to get the best results. And if they are used, your brand name will go wherever the user goes. As long as you know the unique needs of your target audience, using promotional bags for a giveaway is just short of a genius idea.

“Wherever you go, promotional bags are there. You get them with your takeout food at restaurants. You see them in grocery stores, gyms, schools. Heck, even funeral parlors use bags. Bags are engrained in our lifestyles. When we have stuff to schlep, bags get it done.”

It seems that no matter what people want to promote when they use bags as a giveaway item they get better results than any other marketing giveaway. The fact is that giving away promotions is also one of the cheapest ways to get your name out in front of people. Still, there are a few do’s and don’ts you might want to consider before you start your promotion.

To Logo or Not to Logo

For newcomers to the marketing world, the logo is the only way to identify your business. For that reason, many new businesses automatically assume that their logo should go on every item moving in and out of their establishment. Well, there are some cases when you might wish to take a step backwards and leave well enough alone. Some companies feel that personalizing the bag with the customer’s personal name may do more to land that special deal than a company logo.

Many might wonder how this can promote their business if the name is not out there front and center. However, you’d be quite surprised at what happens when you personalize an eco-friendly grocery bag or a handy tote or backpack with someone’s personal name. First, it almost guarantees they’ll use it but also when you apply the rule of reciprocity, they will be compelled to talk about it.

Now, what do you think people will respond to more? The person who has stuck with your company for years and really does like the personalized item you gave her or a cute little bag with a logo on it? Chances are they are going to take more heed to the words of a trusted friend.

Always Offer Options

Another great tip for giving our promo bags comes with empowering your potential customers. While some companies have been very effective when it comes to offering promotions but ideally if you offer a range of options and let the customer choose they will feel more empowered. Unless you plan to give personalized bags to your potential consumers then consider letting the customer have a choice.

Just keep in mind that those who plan promotional giveaways are those who are concerned with the customer’s interests. If they would prefer a backpack over a tote bag then their satisfaction will mean a great deal to how the word gets out about your business.

Finally, don’t worry about the regift. While in most social circles regifting is a sign of disrespect, in the marketing world it is merely a means of spreading the word. When a customer regifts a bag you gave her, she is showing you the ultimate in respect. She is telling her friends about your business and extolling your generosity.

Bottom line, if you are working on a tight marketing budget it can be very difficult for you to find an effective and affordable means of spreading the world about your company. However, if you choose to make promotional bag giveaways then chances are you are well on your way to making a name for yourself without the expensive price tag of many other marketing campaigns.


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